I Customized a CAR, then Gave it to a STRANGER…

Joylandi 20-Iyl, 2021
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I Customized a Car and Gave it to a Stranger! This was so much fun and I want to do it again soon! Love you all and hope you love this custom car!


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  • If I lived in that state, I would been there. But for now I'll watch and congratulate you, from the comment section. Well done Marko🤗

  • Did you really tell the man that it's rental? Or was that scripted?

  • Family all we need is family

  • Amazing!

  • Marko is the best person

  • This was racist

  • damn bro you fell off

  • Hey on was there thx Marko I'm wearing the merch I got thrown right now

  • It would of looked good with black rims matted

  • I’m just waiting to see when he goes on ink master lol🤣

  • Should did a red dragon that would been dope

  • Bro please give me one mobile phone

  • Good guy

  • Marko, got a haircut!!

  • Man you're freaking awesome. Such a great artist and human, big inspiration. Wish I lived in the US to be there, love that car and the design is fire 🔥keep being youself Marko 🇲🇽🖤

  • That car is a Ford gt 500 aka mustang

  • Delicious customization design

  • Views bro...

    • It’s okay :/

  • imagine driving around in that thing😭😭☹️


  • Marko be like I got my job done enjoy

  • Marko fans be like your OG

  • Makro really gained a little bit of weight 😲😲😲😲

  • Long time no Nampak

  • "7" awwwww

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  • “You don’t turn your back on family”

  • Bruh wuh paints and markers do u use

  • Srbine🇷🇸

  • It to him so long to drop the video

  • Am l the only who thought the watermelon was paint for a moment?..

  • Hello, Ben Stiller

  • You should do another one but in black or a truck

  • Make a outfit of all vans and customize with sweatshirt

  • I rate u bro 🔥

  • Why does this only have 121k in a day and only 690 comments🙁🤔 kinda weird for someone with 5 mil subscribers but loved the video 😄

  • I live 5 mins away from where I gave it away but I left for vaca 5 hrs before the event :l

  • He is always wearing beanies😭

  • First time I've seen Marko's hair😭

  • 🤩and they just go and bye it 🤦‍♂️

  • Mustang 🐎❤️❤️❤️

  • I request one ☝️

  • Wow😌It looks great🔥🔥

  • Disappointed the sardar didn’t win

  • Idk if the paint work could be locked in with clear coat.. But definitely a clear vinyl wrap!!!

  • Its a rental. LOL dude looked furious.. Like i drove half way across the country and took time off 😂💀

  • Custom nike dunk low

  • Thumbnail game >

  • That guy was ready to beat your ass when you said it was a rental 😂

  • Honestly the only UZfirer I see that actually gives back to the fans. Love him for that

  • Amazing guy

  • Pakistan ❤️

  • “ I haven’t showered in 3 weeks “” - marko

  • Love ur vids

  • We overseas shouldn't watch this UZfirers coz we aren't benefiting anything

  • marko: you guys are my family Dom: family means everything, here a free car.

  • 👽

  • This guy it's just taking things to ANOTHER LEVEL and this one was a very special upload because lot of people from different points came to show love and was insane. I'm from Africa - Mozambique but i felt like i was on it, i swear. Can't wait for another video.

  • Bro i drove from mexico and didnt even get a shirt or picture 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Me dream car is a mustang but I’m only 11

  • Looking Dope af

  • 3:51 my bro respect his home❤🇷🇸

  • Nice video I wish it could’ve come

  • 2:49 i really thought he's eating the paint geeezz....

  • Jesus Christ loves you soooo much

  • Marko is the first youtuber I fell in love with & he's still the best😭🔥

  • What cars is it

  • Clothing brand is called tropic. Let’s collab. Be a dream come true 🏝❤️🌊

  • Good car. Really wish I could have one

  • I live in South Africa, so I’ll be waiting 😔

  • Bucks n 6

  • Can you donate me a pair of shoes 😓😂

  • how you only gotten 8k new subs ina year

  • Bro come out to Minnesota I need you to paint my car 🙏🏼 PLEASEEEE

  • Wow what a nice car Later: washing it

  • who else thot of "kaido" the dragon from one piece when you saw the dragon on the car.

  • Broooo why wasn't 5.0 😪

  • It's v6 automatic isn't it(just checking) and prob I'll never see the respond.

  • When is your next give away

  • Sheesh

  • I remember about a year ago, mark had 500k subs

  • so good bro

  • Like ur cut g


  • Intro hype af

  • am I the only one that's salty that I live in a different country?

  • It’s 🔥

  • 6feet come on

  • Still mad I missed out on this when it was about 30 minutes from me

  • I would come but I live in the uk and we’re currently not allowed to go to your country :( certainly not without paying a lot of money. Love the car tho it’s amazing

  • Who’s MARKOs boxing opponent?!?!?

  • I live in Texas ;((((

  • Confused as to why this only has 80k views in a day

  • Very amazing content..hello from malaysia🇲🇾 💪🏻❤️

  • It’s not fair for those who have cars to win another they should let the people who don’t have one

  • I don’t know if I’m crazy but that’s body transformation is crazy

  • Your so awesome 👌 👏 😍